CarePlus™ nurse call explained in 120 seconds

NiQ Health the leader in “message-based nurse call systems”, today released their motion graphic video demonstrating how the CarePlus™ nurse call system improves workflow and efficiency of clinicians.

Nurses and clinicians are facing new challenges within the healthcare environment. The trends of the rising demand for healthcare, the growing global population, and an increasing shortage of nursing staff, contribute to the exponentially increasing workload of healthcare professionals. To combat these new challenges and issues, workflow and efficiency must be improved in healthcare practices. CarePlus™ addresses these issues by improving communication between patients and caregivers through their integration to Smartphones and Smart Devices. This development allows staff to be alerted to nurse call alarms through HIPAA approved secure, fully traceable, and encrypted messaging through cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

CarePlus™ smartphone integration allows caregivers to better prioritise their workflow, as they are given options on how to respond to a patient call. The application, available on Apple®, Android®, Blackberry® and Cisco® devices, gives clinicians the option of accepting, rejecting, auto-escalating or calling a patient’s bedside phone. These various options improve workflow and efficiency of nurses as the right message is received by the correct caregiver. The call-back feature increases the communication between patients and caregivers, allowing clinicians to prioritise calls and increasing patient satisfaction with improved call response time.

Alarm fatigue is a growing problem in healthcare facilities. In 2014, 2013 and 2012, the ECRI Institute found alarm fatigue to be the top healthcare hazard. CarePlus™ smartphone integration reduces this issue by ensuring that only relevant staffs are notified of certain alarms, reducing the need to broadcast messages and alarms. The CarePlus™ system allows volume adjustment on alarms and messages to be made from the nursing station; contributing to improved patient satisfaction by creating a more peaceful healing and recovery environment for patients.

NiQ Health released a motion graphic video showing how their CarePlus™ nurse call system addresses and improves the current and emerging issues within the healthcare environment. NiQ Health CEO Andrew Rothon said today, “The Smartphone integration capabilities of CarePlus™ make it one of the most advanced nurse call systems available internationally. The advantages for the healthcare facility, for clinicians and for patients are revolutionary”. Mr Rothon went on to say, “The improvements demonstrated in this video in caregiver efficiency, workflow, staff and patient satisfaction make CarePlus™ a worthwhile investment”.