About CarePlus™ IP Based Nurse Call System

CarePlus™ Version 2 is a major upgrade to NiQ’s successful message-based nurse call platform. CarePlus™ V2 dramatically extends the wide range of interoperability interfaces for hospital back of house systems and intelligent medical device integrations, significantly improved performance and cloud-computing interfaces, and an enhanced work-flow engine, providing impressive value and productivity for management and staff working in acute care, aged care, or long term care facilities.

CarePlus™ 2.0 – Extending the Reach – the ultimate all in one!

[tab title=”Highlights”]
CarePlus™ V2 has enhancements to existing features, as well as many new features and expanded integrations available for activation by the application of a software key. End customers desiring access to these new features should contact their authorized CarePlus™ distributor.

[tab title=”New Features and Integration”]

Improved audio pathway

  • SIP audio pathway between patients and relevant care providers and contacts
  • This supports any VOIP or SIP-capable wireless phone manufacturer
  • Provides maximal flexibility for existing or new construction facilities desiring to implement advance communication features
  • Provides enhanced patient safety and workflow productivity gains

Real Time Location asset and patient tracking (RTLS) interface

  • An embedded integration of a complete RTLS system
  • Enhancing Business Process improvement and patient safety issues via analytics

RFID device integrations

  • Either at patient bed side or on-wall RFID interface reader

Expanded Interfaces and Integrations

  • Stryker bed interface (simplification of call point and information cable wiring at bedside)
  • Apple iPhone Interface (all iPhone / iOS releases supported)
  • Apple iPad Interface (mobilized nurse master station and call end point)
  • RIM BlackBerry Interface (mobilized call end point on- or off-campus alters and escalations)

Call Point and NIM improvements and expansions

  • Audio interface at bedside for audible-only equipment alarm management and workflow
  • Larger buttons on call points
  • Braille option on all call points
  • Call point and handset Lexan now use PET material
  • Reduction of NIM cables (less home runs required)
  • With RTLS system, mobile RFID call point tags for staff members

Care Provider and facility functions and enhancements

  • Dementia Module enhancement (Aged Care and Long Term Care facilities)
  • Nurse and staff rounding reminders feature (supports efforts to reduce pressure ulcers, etc.)
  • Nurse presence capability (provides both RFID and local push features)

Certifications and Language support

  • UL 1069 certification
  • German language support
  • Spanish language Support
  • French language support

Workflow management improvements and enhancements

  • Improved call and priority upgrade calls
  • Staff allocation groups
  • Repeat escalation circular
  • Group call accepted
  • Scroll longer LED sign messages


[tab title=”Enhancements”]

  • Swing rooms (overflow control) and swing wards (night mode)
  • Dual Press and Three Press (Staff priority upgrade and staff duress)
  • Unlimited Soft Button Call Points (use on touch screen panels and patient entertainment consoles)
  • Wireless telephony interfaces (Cisco, Vocera, Kirk, Dect and Spectralink)
  • Internal data base optimization and performance enhancements
  • Front page now has hooks into the CarePlus™ user community portal for on line help


[tab title=”Availability”]

CarePlus™ V2 is available now from our global network of authorized distributors. This system can be installed in a phased approach in specific care areas or wards and then scaled up to other care areas in the facility as time and budget allows. The modular design enables the system to be installed around operational requirements and operational restrictions in specific care areas of the facility, one care area at a time. Additionally, features enabling various efficiency and safety initiatives can be customized (enabled or disabled) for each individual care area to maximize operational and budgetary flexibility.

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